Our salsas are made of all fresh ingredients harvested directly from our garden.

The star ingrediant in all of our salsas is the Tomatillo. We offer 7 varieties of salsa that will bring your taste buds to life, beginning with Basil and Mint which are full of flavor without the heat. Next in line is our Ginger salsa which offers a tangy freshness and light spiciness. The Original steps up the heat and is inspired by the everyday classic style of a true Mexican “salsa verde”. The Smoked Original and Yes, It’s Hot is a twist on the Original adding a rich smokey flavor. Last but not least, The Farmers Market Basket is a thick and chunky salsa full of vegetables giving you a sense a summer all year long.

We would like to introduce you to our piment scale.  In France most people are very sensitive to piments but there are a few who cannot eat a meal without a spicy sauce on it. So we created our own… Scoville scale if you like. To keep it simple we only have 4 levels:

0- is obviously no spice at all just the flavor of fresh ingredients

1- is a little bit of spice to activate the taste of the salsa a bit

2- is just starting to get a bit spicy

3- steps up the heat

4- there is only one salsa for this level and its not called “Yes it’s hot” without reason


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